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This page contains a collection of Emacs themes that I've developed or ported from other editors (specifically Monokate, see below).

I have a very straightforward approach to making themes: I start with nothing and build up, I use my themes while coding or writing and what irritates me, I fix. The source code of the themes I present below is very simple to comprehend and, if you want to modify or use any of my themes as a template, you can easily do so.

I have to say that none of my themes have any kind of versioning: they are taken directly from what I use for my Emacs. If you want to get the latest version, use the links to the Emacs Lisp file for each theme to do so – I intend to make those URLs static, so you can fetch them periodically.

If, for any reason, you have a question or suggestion, you can contact me through email.

You may want to have available on your system all of my themes, but they're not in any official package repository like Melpa. You can obtain all of my Emacs themes through this command:

export EMACS_THEMES_DIR=$HOME/.emacs.d/ && curl -s | sh

If you have your Emacs themes in a different folder, change EMACS_THEMES_DIR accordingly – you should know what you're doing if you have a custom themes folder.

1. The Ellas Theme


Ellas is a charming, light, having somewhat of a pastel palette, theme with colours inspired by a trip I made to Greece.

This is the first theme I have made from scratch. My eye says that the contrast of Ellas is enough –not great– but very usable and not eye-straining, which is one of my main concerns; I hate when pure #000000 black fights directly with #ffffff white. I think I have done a god job. Still, you are not me. If you think I should improve some part of this theme, plase let me know.

2. The Somnus Theme


Somnus is a calming blue and yellow theme inspired on the idea of sleep, of being comfortable. It has more contrast than Monokate, though.

This is my main dark theme. I made it so I have a pair of light and dark themes; namely Ellas and Somnus.

3. Monokate theme


Long ago I used Sublime Text as my main code editor – it is still a pretty good program; but, shamefully, it is proprietary software, and that is not in keeping with my ideals. At that time I discovered a "repository" of themes called Colorsublime, which I thought and still think has a great selection of themes. The one I used was Monokate. When I finally switched to Emacs I was in need of a theme like Monokate. Fortunately, I didn't found any, so I wrote this port.

Please note that this port I've made is not a 100% replica of Colorsublime's Monokate because I felt the need to add more colors to make the theme more complete. However, I believe that the vibes of the original Monokate are kept with this port.